About Sabai Thai

the Sabai philosophy

In Thai, “Sabai” means relaxation, tranquility, well-being, or even inner peace. In harmony with this idea, the Sabai Thai restaurant invites you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine made with fresh and quality ingredients and served in a pleasant and relaxed setting.

The place

Ideally located in Etoy, on the edge of the Swiss Route and in the heart of the Littoral Parc commercial area, the Sabai Thai restaurant welcomes you from Tuesday to Saturday. Our restaurant has three different rooms, two shaded terraces, ample free parking and free internet access.

100% authentic Thai Cuisine

Since 2015, our restaurant has been offering 100% authentic cuisine in the Bangkok region of Thailand. Our cuisine is entirely homemade using fresh, top quality ingredients.

Our Menu

Fait Maison Label

The dishes offered on our menu and which are not marked with an asterisk (*) are entirely prepared on site from raw products and traditional cooking products according to the criteria of the “Fait Maison” label established by the French-speaking Consumer Federation. (FRC), GastroSuisse, Taste Week and Slow Food.

Label Fait Maison, Qu’est ce que c’est ?

Respect of the terroir

In addition to original ingredients, we favor the Swiss origin of our ingredients, such as our vegetables and our eggs.

Meat from Switzerland

Our chicken, beef and pork meat comes exclusively from Switzerland.

Fro more info : Suisse Garantie

Wines from La Côte, Switzerland and elsewhere

Wines from “La Côte” are on offer, some of which by the glass and complete a rich and varied menu made up of mainly Swiss wines, but also French, Italian and Spanish ones

We are a member of Label Swiss Wine Gourmet

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Sabai Thai Restaurant, Route Suisse 3, 1162 Etoy